Connie Talbot Home

This site was started for fans of the young and talented Connie Talbot. We are constantly looking for the latest news, pictures and videos of Connie to bring to you.

Connie is what the press talk about since Britain’s Got Talent Episode 1 2007, we have been looking into her and written a biography, we hope you enjoy the unofficial fan site of the young, upcoming Charlotte Church.


Connie never had singing lessons of any kind. She learnt naturally through her own karaoke machine, how amazing is this a 6 year old who can sing with the perfect pitch and is cute at the same time? At this point in time she is already being told shes going to be the next charlotte church, and i think we all believe the judges and people who are quoting this.

She wowed both the audience and judges with her amazing performance on the ITV show Britans Got Talent, when Simon Cowell said and I quote “Connie I’m going to speak to you like an adult” both connies mum and the audience said “awww”. News and sources over the internet quote that Connie will earn around 1 million pound in the next 12 months.

Simon Cowell the 47 year old pop mogul was so impressed with Connie’s performance that he agreed to sign her up for the seven-figure deal with his own record label. Although all the attention from the press Connie is still standing firm on her feet.